Natural Cure For Yeast Infection

Special feature:  Oral Yeast Infection (Thrush) Symptoms

Oral yeast infection or thrush affects areas in the mouth. It is uncomfortable and painful, often very unsightly and embarrassing. Creamy-white, curd-like lesions are normally seen on the tongue, on the walls of the mouth and inside the lips. Thrush lesions range in size from a fingernail to a half-dollar and can extend down into the throat, where they may not be visible, but are definitely felt by the sufferer.

When oral yeast infection lesions are scraped, the tissue that is exposed is raw and bleeding, and is very painful. Untreated thrush can spread to other parts of the body, causing harm to internal organs.

Cure Yeast Infection Rapidly

Understanding the causes of yeast infection can help you to find a cure rapidly. Yeast is an uncomfortable infection that commonly affects women, but can occur in men and even babies in the form of diaper rash or thrush.

Candida albicans


Yeast can be a vaginal infection or a skin rash, and commonly affects women of childbearing age. This infection is caused by Candida albicans, a strain of yeast found naturally on the body in small amounts and is normally kept in control by Lactobacillus acidophilus, a naturally occurring bacterium. However, yeast infection becomes a problem when there is an imbalance in the body.

There are many causes of this imbalance. A major reason is the use of broad spectrum antibiotics, steroids and birth control pills. Hormonal changes during a woman’s menstrual cycle and pregnancy can also upset the body’s tenuous balance. Sexual activities can sometimes cause infection because semen changes the acidic environment of the vagina. Other causes include wet bathing suits, tight clothing and even frequent douching.

The pharmacy offers many fast remedies to kill the yeast. These will bring you quick relief but they do not restore your body’s healthy balance. Natural home remedies are more permanent and can be used together with the pharmaceutical remedies to ensure the infection does not return.

A simple but effective home remedy is to take Acidlopholus, which is found in yogurt. Wearing loose cotton clothes and cotton underwear also prevents infection.

Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More has a proven all natural remedy that brings relief within hours without using any pharmaceutical drugs. Her clear and sensible approach is easy to follow, and saves you from endless burning and itching without spending hundreds of dollars on worthless creams and medications.

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Recurring yeast infections are often the results of poor diets and stressful lifestyles. Treatment is much more effective with a healthy diet and a reduction in the amount of stress in your life. Eat lots of fiber and cut down on food that is high in fat, especially red meat. If you usually work 10 hour days, try to bring it down to 8 hours for a few weeks and spend your extra two hours doing something relaxing like listening to music or reading a book.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

A doctor can confirm if you have a yeast infection, but you can sometimes tell by the feel, look and smell.


It is common to feel an intense burning and itching sensation in your vagina and vulva. Though this irritation may not always be present, it can get so bad that you can barely walk.


It looks like clumpy nasty white stuff. Most medical descriptions compare the discharge to ricotta cheese, but it can range from thick and not clumpy to faintly yellow to thin and clear.


It smells like beer or bread, almost like yeast, though an entirely different species of yeast is used in brewing and baking.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may have a yeast infection. Consult a doctor to confirm.

The Danger of Leaving Yeast Infection Untreated

Yeast infection causes pain, itchiness and discomfort, and if left untreated, may develop into more serious complications. A possible medical problem that may result is sepsis, a deadly condition of the blood stream caused by bacteria.

Another possible consequence is vulvovaginal candidiasis or thrush, an inflammation with intense itching, soreness and burning discomfort. There is often heavy white curd-like vaginal discharge together with bright red rash affecting inner and outer parts of the vulva, sometimes spreading widely in the groin across pubic areas and thighs.

Why run the risk of having yeast infection becoming something more serious? Use the natural remedy I’ve recommended to free yourself from yeast infection worries.