My Story – How I Cured My Yeast Infections

I suffered from chronic yeast infections for years. I had tried every treatment I could find information on, researched endlessly looking for the “cure” and every time would just wind up getting re-infected. Not only that, but I was constantly tired, my muscles ached, I had frequent headaches and sinus infections and intense cravings for sugar and carbs. I had packed on weight and couldn’t seem to lose it no matter what I tried.

When I say I had tried everything I mean it too! Everything from over the counter creams and inserts to visits to doctors offices & antibiotics, yogurt, cloves of garlic, olive leaf extract, boric acid, vinegar, cranberry juice, betadine, other various herbal treatments and on and on. Almost all of the things I tried would give me some relief…some longer than others…but inevitably I would wind up with another yeast infection within a short period of time.

I had pretty well given up on ever finding anything that was going to help but kept searching around on the Internet looking for anything else I could try. Finally, in my research I stumbled upon an eBook called Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen that claimed it would show not only how to not only treat yeast infections fast, but to get rid of them forever.

I really didn’t think it was going to help (in large part because of all my past failures and partly because the text on her web site seemed too good to be true), but I went ahead and got it anyway. I followed her program and much to my surprise not only got the fastest relief I had ever had from my yeast infection (literally just hours!), but within weeks was feeling better than I had in years. I wish I would have discovered this information sooner before I wasted so much money on things that didn’t work.

What I came to understand was that all of the things I was doing were only addressing the symptoms of yeast infections and not actually getting to the core of the problem. After following the advice in the book I have been feeling better than I have in a long, long time. I not only haven’t had a yeast infection since reading it, but I also have more energy, & my muscle aches, headaches, fatigue and sugar cravings are essentially gone. I’m also quite happy to report that I FINALLY started to lose some weight again after trying forever without success.

The main reason I started this web site was to try to inform people that their vaginal or penile yeast infection was just the tip of the iceberg and to share the success that I had in treating my chronic yeast infections. There is too little information available on yeast infections and the serious consequences that can occur if they are left untreated or if you just treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Too many women fall into the trap of using an over the counter medication every time they think they have a yeast infection. And the poor men out there are stuck thinking that antibiotics are their only option. I’m here to tell you that there is an alternative that can provide you with permanent relief and make you healthier and happier in the long run, not to mention save you a whole bunch of money on things that don’t work. I hope you will decide to try the book for yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose since you can get your money back if it doesn’t work for you. I urge you to truly take care of yourself and start healing the right way…you deserve it!

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